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Timothy D. Coats

The Bible is never wrong, even when it talks about science and history. It is very important to teach people they can trust the Bible and that God always knows more than any pastor, theologian, teacher or scientist.

I am trying to use my ministry to help people understand this. I have several kids presentations to teach them how dinosaurs don't contradict Biblical history and how Noah's ark was real and easily capable of carrying all that was necessarily for Noah, his family, and several thousand animals to survive a worldwide catastrophic flood. I can also help with general Q & A sessions on the creation/evolution debate or give general overview presentations on how evolution is a ridiculous and unscientific belief system.

The church itself has been greatly influenced by secular humanism and, if this problem is not corrected, it will result in most Christians not really being Christians any more, but members of a hybrid Christian/secular humanist cult.

Clearly scripture teaches that God created everything in six literal days. It is also clear from Biblical genealogies, and historical dates, that this was about 6000 years ago. If you don't believe what God says about creation, Adam and the flood, why believe the rest of scripture?

Dinosaurs were created by God on day 6 of creation (Because technically all dinosaurs are land animals.). They are NOT some monster from an ancient evolutionary era. Called "dragons" through most of history, the word "dinosaur" was not invented until 1841 and was not widely used until well into the 20th century. Most human cultures have dragon legends.