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Timothy D. Coats

I have been studying apologetics, especially the Creation/evolution debate, for quite some time now and want to assist churches in educating their congregations to defend their faith.

Kids Presentations

Dinosaurs and Creation: When were dinosaurs created?

Dinosaurs and the Flood: What happened to dinosaurs at Noah's time?

Dinosaurs: Where did they go? What happened after the flood?

How Big was the Ark? My 1:87 scale (HO) Ark presentation where I show kids how big the ark was compared to things they know from their experience, including trains, cars, boats, animals, etc.

For kids age 6-12. Each talk is approximately 20-30 minutes. Designed to teach kids dinosaurs do NOT contradict Biblical history.

Question and Answer Sessions

I am willing to host or help with Q&A sessions on Creation and the Bible for people of any age.

Adult Presentations:

Evolution vs. Science: A presentation on how the Evolutionist world view breaks the laws of nature, but the Biblical view does not. (This is new and I don't have a slide show for it but I could probably give it off the top of my head.)

Creation Crash Course An upcoming presentation where I go over the whole Creation/evolution debate covering many subjects in short segments.


FREE (though I am not opposed to donations for gas, buying props to show kids (fossils get expensive), etc.)